All pieces are handmade by Ashley in New York City, and made strictly with gold filled base materials.  No gold plated is used, with the exception of one pendant, in only two items. Gold filled is much more sustainable than gold plated, as it requires a much more strict definition than gold plated.  “Plated” is a loose term.  Gold filled must be 5% weight of gold. This medium doesn’t break the bank as it is not nearly the cost of solid gold, yet you can know that your investment should last you decades, and definitely will not have to worry about the gold “chipping” and then tarnishing from your luxury item.

Additionally, all closures on chain bracelets and necklaces are wire wrapped to ensure durability, as its owner will not have to worry about the chain slipping off the jump ring.  All pieces with jump rings are finalized by closing the jump ring using laser technology in New York.


Necklace Sizing Guide

Choker 12-13 inches

Collar 14-16 inches

All necklace closures end with 1-2 inch chain extender. Bracelets and bangles are all made at the standard 7 inches. Sizing may be adjusted upon request.

Coming soon, select items available in 14k solid gold.