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AC's Story


Raised alongside the idyllic coastline of Palm Beach County, Ashley Carson moved to New York City in 2014 to nationally launch her namesake label. Design came as second nature to Ashley who began hand-crafting pieces at jewelry parties with friends as an excuse to laugh, drink good wine and express her artistic disposition. Delving further into the world of jewelry design, Ashley learned about stones and metals and took a particular interest in the enduring properties of 14k gold filled materials. After months of being constantly approached on the street while wearing her designs and scrawling her details on cocktail napkins, Ashley turned her unexpected ability into a brand. 

Drawn to the aesthetics of her ocean roots and her home in New York, both cities provide a constant source of artistic inspiration for Ashley. Her pieces tend toward timeless design, marrying modern simplicity with a hint of bohemian. Delicate yet striking, each piece of Ashley Carson’s fine jewelry is hand-crafted to be personal, sentimental, original and transition effortlessly from day to night.

On the streets of New York, Ashley finds herself getting approached almost daily about the delicate jewelry she wears, and often selling pieces right off her body. Ashley has continued to build her line in New York, while she had worked as a full time employee, often for several employers, so that she could fund her jewelry studio rent.

In June 2016, Ashley was taking a walk with a friend in Soho, who had suggested she take a peak in The Shop at Equinox’s Soho location.   As it turns out, Equinox had taken a particular interest in the jewelry Ashley was wearing, and within a few weeks, Ashley was in negotiations with Equinox Corporate.

Ashley then decided to take a month off work to see what would unfold if she put full focus into her line.  Two weeks in, she flew across the country to Los Angeles to check out the trending styles in LA boutiques, and also in hopes to land a meeting with Equinox Corporate.  While visiting LA, Ashley also was working as the first mate on her friend’s yacht charter, Charter LA Yachts.  As she had grown up in South Florida, boating with her parents, as well as swimming competitively and surfing and diving at a young age, Ashley was no stranger to the open water. While preparing for her meeting with Equinox Corporate, Ashley got a call that the yacht had been rented out, and she needed to come work as a first mate.  Ashley, in all her jewelry, was bringing in the ropes from the dock to the boat, as the guests began to compliment her jewelry while she was hopping aboard.  One of the guests turned out to be Maeve Reilly, celebrity wardrobe stylist for Hailey Baldwin, among other celebrities.  Maeve thought Hailey would love Ashley’s jewelry, so she had a few pieces passed along.

Two weeks later, Ashley woke up to a call that Hailey had worn one of her body chains on the red carpet, at Guess launch event in LA.  A good friend from college got word, and surprised Ashley with the news that her jewelry had made People Magazine.

Ashley has since also had her line featured in Esquire Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine, as Ashley styled her jewelry on the shoot for A Bikini A Day with bloggers Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman.  Beginning in Fall 2016, Ashley began selling her line at Equinox locations in New York and Connecticut, and will continue throughout the holiday season.

Ashley jokes that maybe this all happened so quickly as a favor for the time she was working as the first mate on Charter LA Yachts, and had rescued a hat of one of the guests from Maeve's crew that had blown overboard. Wearing her Sweetest Kill body chain, Ashley dove off the bow of the 59-foot yacht into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, swam maybe 75 yards or so to retrieve the hat. The hat made it safely aboard and in the hands of its owner, and last we heard, is in perfect condition, and so is the body chain.